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Creative, commercials, content, spots, ads, adverts…whatever you want to call them, they are far from a dying art form. In Wilmington, NC the film and media production industry generates an influx of creatives that set the bar high for production value in the Southeast. The goal of etc. media is to be a part of every meaningful conversation our clients have about their next project, whether at our associated agency’s shops, or at the individual businesses that trust us with their image. We never assume that the next project comes to us automatically, but instead, we earn it…with creative that’s engaging, impactful, and consistently effective.

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[title size=”2″]Why Are We The Best?[/title]
[toggle title=”Our Company Mission”]We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most effective creative for their brand, because when they are successful, we are successful.[/toggle]


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Brainstorming, copywriting, and storyboarding are the beginning stages of every great production. From the zany to the conservative, our ideas are honed and sharpened to cut to the point of your desired message.   After all, if the concept doesn’t deliver, your audience won’t buy your message.[/one_third]

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Whether we’ve created the concept for you, or you’ve got a great idea that needs to be produced, we’ve got you covered.  Whether it’s a green screen studio shot, a multi-camera interview, or a dramatic scene, our team of top notch professionals knows how to get exactly what you’re looking for.[/one_third]

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Does your project need visually captivating 3D graphics to attract your target demographic?  We do that.  Do you prefer a simple, subtle edit to provide a clear message?  We can do that too.  Our extensive knowledge and experience with the latest post-production software on the market today allows us to make your big idea…even bigger.[/one_third]