We recently had the opportunity to work with Owens Insurance Agency to produce 3 fifteen second bookend commercials. During the development of the concept, we decided to do something that isn’t often done on a commercial… a one shot. Granted, it is not as impressive as Spielberg or Cuarón, but it was something new and exciting for us to try. Although most times we are the camera operators, it was decided early on to bring in our pal, Jim Rose, to operate the steadicam and with an experienced AC/focus puller, Brennen Poetter. Could we have done it? Sure, but in the interest of our client’s time and schedule it was decided to have an experienced user operate.
Brian and Neal stood by, carefully watching the monitor, directing both Jim and Brennen, as well as our clients and actors. The shots had to be timed perfectly to a scratch track of audio that we used on set. This ensured that the camera landed on its mark at the correct time.
Although the shot looks simple, it took the coordination of all of us to get the timing, framing and desired takes. And that doesn’t include dealing with Mother Nature for the exterior shots.
It was learning experience, but we’re glad we opted to go this route, and can’t wait to utilize this kind of equipment again!